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SinceIRI has worked to develop democraticinstitutions and ideals, carrying out a variety of international programs to promote freedom, selfgovernmentand the rule of law worldwide. IRI provides technical assistance in the areas ofpolitical party strengthening, developing civic institutions and open elections, promotingdemocratic governance and advancing the rule of law.

A key competent of this work is theregular public opinion research that IRI conducts in order to gauge public sentiment and in turn toinform political parties and local stakeholders on issues relevant to constituents. IRI is seeking quotations from qualified research firms for data collection for a series of focusgroups on political and social issues in Moldova. These themes may include :· Youth political participation Perceptions of the justice sector, corruption, and rule of law in Moldova Awareness of and perceptions of government reforms Citizen engagement in politics at the local and national leve l· Additional or different issues as needed IRI will provide more detailed informational needs with key research questions to be answered foreach series of focus group discussions.

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Methodology The questions above are best addressed by a focus group study. In Person Discussion Groups: Two series of four discussion groups eight discussion groups intotaleach lasting approximately minutes and attended by participants, should takeplace in communities determined in consultation with IRI with at least one muddle 2022 elvețian anti-îmbătrânire group takingplace within Chisinau.

De asemenea, Comisia a propus și ca o parte din fonduri să fie destinate universităților europene, o acțiune recentă și fundamentală, desfășurată în cadrul Spațiului european al educației până în România a solicitat o contribuție din partea FSUE la 7 septembrierespectând termenul de 12 săptămâni de la primele daune înregistrate.

Remote Discussion Groups: Two series muddle 2022 elvețian anti-îmbătrânire six discussion groups 12 discussion groups in total ,each lasting approximately minutes and attended by participants, should take placeonline with participants from communities determined in consultation with IRI.

The onlineplatform used for discussions should be proposed by the Offeror and should be accessible andfamiliar to participants. All participants should be: At least 18 years of age and a generally equal gender balance Must be recruited from different muddle 2022 elvețian anti-îmbătrânire or towns within the research locationcommunities Participants in the same focus group session may not know one another.

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No participants may have participated in a focus group or in-depth interview study in thepast 12 months. General Responsibilities Of The Offeror Offeror will be responsible for managing all logistical aspects of the project above and shouldengage local support staff as necessary to complete the following for each of the two series offocus group discussions: Screener.

For each series, IRI will provide a draft screening questionnaire based on thespecifications above at least two weeks before the proposed focus group sessions. TheOfferor will review offer edits within three working days of receipt.

IRI reservesthe right to review the translation prior to recruitment launch. Recruiting participants. For each series, offeror will recruit all participants according tothe screening criteria listed above.

At least one week prior to the start of the first focusgroup session, the Offeror will provide a brief description of the composition of the groupsin terms of age, gender, occupation, etc. For in-person groups, Offeror should recruit participants for each group as well as alternates in case any of the original participantsare unable to participate.

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For remote groups, Offeror should recruit participants foreach group as well as alternates in case any of the original participants are unable toparticipate. All participants will be required to give written informed consent to participatein this study.

IRI will provide draft informed consent language which may be adjusted bythe bidder in order to conform to any specific legal requirements in the research country. For each series, IRI will provide the draft discussion. Offeror will bewelcome to offer suggestions for improvement and is expected to format and translate thediscussion guide into Romanian and Russian.

IRI reserves the right to review thetranslation s. For the first series, at least one week prior to the first planned session, thediscussion guide will be piloted with a group of pilot participants who fit therecruitment criteria.

This pilot will be moderated by the same moderator who will moderatethe actual groups.

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The pilot session s will be video preferred or audio recorded and therecording will be provided to IRI. The Offeror will prepare a page pilot report, basedon a template provided by IRI. Once IRI has reviewed the pilot report, some modificationof the discussion guide may be required. Focus Group Moderator.

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Offeror will provide a trained and experienced moderator forgroups in each city. The Offeror will provide for all groups a facility from which Romanian orRussian-speaking IRI staff may unobtrusively observe.

In the case of online groups, theobservation will be remote.

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Offeror will film focus groups and filmshould be high quality with clear sound. If participants do not consent to videotaping,audio recordings are acceptable. Written Summary of Focus Group Discussions.

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For each series, offeror will provide a page written summary of the focus group discussions in idiomatic English within oneweek after the final focus group session. A template will be provided by IRI. For each series, offeror will analyze all discussions, and writeand edit final analytic report see Deliverables for review, editing and acceptance by IRIwithin three weeks of the final focus group session.

IRI will provide a report template.

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Thereport is expected to synthesize findings across all participants and all discussion sessions,while noting to any major differences of opinions between participants and sessions.

Thereport must present actual analysis i. Deliverables Finalized discussion guide incl translation where applicable Proposed Participant Profile· Written summary as specified above.

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Recording should be delivered to IRI electronically for example via a file transfer service or delivered to the local IRI office. This number can be adjusted downwards in consultation with IRI, but bidders shouldexpect to provide reports with up to 50 slides. Timing The focus group discussions will likely be held in November series 1 and February series 2 ; the exact timing needs to be determined in close consultation with IRI.