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Fundăturii, nr. Cititorii se pot abona la publicaţiileI. Foreign readers can subscribe to our publications at the above address. Vladirnirescu, nr. Rozhen un noi soi de cartofpentru consum înoroaSlJlata şi industrializare 57E.

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L'- esponse VUL~""J!. Weed control in potatoes in the Czech Republic M. New potato by using ""·. Researches corlcelll1rlg"'''"'', ''''.

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LJll''- M. Economy ofpotato production in the Czech Republic E. DIMA, M. Actual situationofpotato in Europe Potato varieties adaptation and uses across different'-''-''-fHJl''.

L'-' zones in NigeriaN. BRAN, M. The evolution potatoindustry in last ten years in Portugal.

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Folosind modul rapid, on-line, de cumunicare, autorii şi-au asumat responsabilitatearedactării lucrărilor într-o formă finală. Conform hotărârîi con1itetului de redactare, ordinea publicării lucrărilor în acestvolum a fost următoarea: genetică şi ameliorare, Inmulţirea rapidă şi producerea cartofuluipentru sămânţă, tehnologia cartofului, economie şi marketing.

Mulţumim conducerii Ministeruhli Educaţie şi Cercetării şi conducerii Institutului deCercetare-Dezvoltare pentru Cartof şi Sfeclăde Zahăr Braşovpentru sptijinullogisttc şifinanciar acordat. Mulţumim tuturor participanţilorpentru contribuţia ştiinţifică.

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De asemenea, dorim să n1ulţumim dlui prof. Using the most rapid way of communication on-linethe authors have assunledthe responsibility ofthe final version ofpapers. According to the decision ofeditors board, the succession ofpapers in this volumeis the following: genetics and breeding, rapid multiplication and seed potato production,potato technology, economy and marketing.

We thank alI the participants for their scientific contribution. We also wish to express our thanks to prof. The perspective ofthe European integration ofRomania and the complexity ofthisprocess, the need for the reorganization and restructuring ofthe especially in producing material from biological categories on theRomanian varieties impose a new approach in the management activities alInstitute for Research and Development for Potato and Sugar Beet Brasov.

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Agriculture is toand must intervene in solving these issues. Modern agriculture sets as its mainobjective the continuous improvelnent ofthe production process Chiru and Olteanu, Only by up-dating concepts and methods in research and agriculture practicethis can be attained Olteanu et al. The concept of sustainability has a vuibroye swiss anti aging validity and applies in all hUITmn,sociological, economical and technological activity.

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Related to agriculture, "the termsustainable agriculture means an integrated system ofplant and ani11Jal productionpractices having a site-specific application that will, over the term: a satisfyhuman food and fiber needs; environmental the naturalresource base upon the economy mosiefficient use nonrenewable resources and on-farm resourceswhere appropriate, natural Research and development priorities in potato field with a view to the sustainable development of···viability offarm operations; and enhance the quality of life for farmers andsocietyas a whole.

F Moving from a conventional agriculture towards an altel11ative sustainable agriculturerepresents a progressive transition implyinglnomtoring, systems perspective,management and coordination ofprocesses by applying principles ofprecisionsustainable agriculture.

L performance' 18 iraccordance with the of lnanagelnent '"""' Technological costs arehigh over lnil.

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Leii ha the is one highest conlparison with othercrops. The high degree of natural, economical resourcesinvolved generate complex environmental Thus, the potato crop gets al theattention from agricultura!

Uconsidered the second bread ofmankind. The tendency to continuously decrease cultivated area along the increase ofmedium yield 35 tlha is noticed in the EU. In ROluania, last few years, thearea oscillated between and with a mediurn yield of tlha.

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XXXI 3 s. Prod med vuibroye swiss anti aging i1 - Trends in the evolution ofpotato area and yield in EU and RomaniaIn order to accomplish the MAPDR strategy for potato crap which foresees foran area stabilization of ha with a medium yield of Only the producers that can cOlnpete with the EU producers will survivean the market.

This will not lead to the total yield decrease but ta the concentration ofyield into large agricultural exploitations with the lneans for cOlnmunity funds absorptionup-to-date technology acquisition. A strong increase ofthe medium yield is hoped taaffinn Romania as a potato seed, early potato for both intenlal consumption and export ,autumn-winter potato and potato for industrial processing producer.

Research and development priorities in potato field with a view to the sustainaNe development of Figure 3 presents the relation between the consumption of certifiedseed an the medium yield in Europe.

Breeding new potato varietiesOne of the priority aims of the ICDCSZ Brasov and of the specialized researchstations is breeding new potato varieties lnainly defined by high productivity, constantquality in time and space and good adaptability to the climatic and soil conditions ofRomania. The Romanian official crop varieties catalogue for pp.

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At this point the situation is satisfyingbut becomes critical when we analyze the percentages of ROlnanian varieties from thetotalland areas cultivated in Figure 5. For the efficient capitalization ofthe investnlent ofwork volume, mind resourceand funds allocated by the state for financing Romanian varieties breeding activities.

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We havegrouped them into two types ofstrategies XXXI7 S. OLTEANU~ Realistic application of conventional and non-conventional breeding methods,according to the current level offacility supply ofthe institute and affiliated agriculturalstations 1. Seed potato productionThis activity represented the main ai vuibroye swiss anti aging and development from the startand presented decisive implications for the independence ofthe Romanian agriculturalpolicy with direct social implications.

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Over the last 15 years a shift fron1 the state seed potato production to the privateproduction occurred. However, it Is considered that for the present and for the future ofthe seed lnateriaI production systen1 the prcsence ofa strong public sector alongside theprivate one 1S needed to ensure stability on the lnarket, eliIninating centrifugal tendencîes.

Potato cultivated land areas decreased dratnatically in OUl' country after when,through the enactlnent of the Law of landholding no.

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