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Background and lawsuit initiation[ edit ] Autostrada Soarelui pictured inwhere a bruised Stan was picked up by local traffic police InRomanian singer Alexandra Stan was discovered by producers and songwriters Marcel Prodan and Andrei Nemirschi, who offered her a record deal with their label, Maan Records.

Additionally, she recalled tensions with the aforementioned two upon reproaching both the aforementioned unorthodox business practices and the contract she had signed with them, which Stan claims disrespected human rights and was written in a way so that Prodan and Nemirschi could have a widespread control over her.

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According to Prodan, the incident begun in his recording studio when he told Stan that she had sung poorly.

Prodan alleged that Stan did not want to leave the building and reacted aggressively to him pushing her towards the exit.

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When describing the events in his car, Prodan said Stan had begun kicking him; he defended himself, slapping her when she jerked the steering wheel. Prodan testified that Stan had said she wanted to commit suicide and opened the door to jump out of the car; riduri frunte grabbed her hand and stopped.

Conversely, Stan said Prodan threw her into his car and struck her multiple times. In shock, she jerked the wheel to get out of the car.

Further hearings with witnesses were scheduled to take place in September Furthermore, the singer criticized Romanian's law system for treating her case with a lack of seriousness, saying the she was "fighting the system on her own".

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However, Toma saw the legal case as a "good opportunity for society to debate domestic violence. Her song " Thanks for Leaving " reportedly discusses her recovery, [23] [24] while the title of " 9 Lives a 18 crash swiss anti aging alludes to the event; according to Gheorghe Chelu of Click!

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