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For the analisys of the complex aspects concerning the prosecution related to child entrustment crimesthe provisions of the Penal Code concordes with the new Civil Code which leads to an interdependent forensic investigation.

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The complexity of crimes related to child entrustment due to the numerous normative variants depicted in the lawin which this crime may be comitedbut also due to the legal guidelines that ensure the childs best interest requires the investigating body to perform a penal investigation efficiently.

To acomplish this it is required for the later to prove the circumstances which from the object of prosecution.

Trop souvent, ce sont des associations de droit privé ou des organismes intergouvernementaux qui complètent ces actions.

Considering the fact that it s a nutriție anti-îmbătrânire related to the familythe investigation of events which lead to criminal prosecution implies that the intervention of the police ,in the family life, in order to determin if the proper enviroment is insured for the minorshall be done considering the sensitive nature this relationship implies.

At the same time the issue at hand is the analisys of the normative measuresthe incriminating factor is considered the endangerment of child growth and education which is required by the insurance of the childs best interest. In other words it is necesary to insure the possibility of child care within family even in the case of a divorce.

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It is also necesary to ensure personal relationship in the case in which the child has been intrusted to a person. Determining the conditions and the circumstances in which deeds that relate to the minor child occur must be done concretly taking into acount the specifics of each case.

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Therefore, the Commission announced, as a way to remedy this situation, the adoption in of a proposal of a legislative instrument that would allow international couples spouses or registered partners to learn more easily, about the courts that are competent and about the law which applies to their property rights. Operatori telephonie suisse anti aging discussions, the European Commission conducted a common impact analysis that led to the development of two proposals operatori telephonie suisse anti aging a result of the registered partnership and marriage particularities and of the various legal consequences that these forms of union produce.

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Keywords: matrimonial property regimes; registered partnerships that refer both to the spouses; "Europeanisation" of the private international law. As well, the level of juridical protection of under-age women in Romanian society must be improved, taking into account that Romania is an orthodox state and an EU member state. From the perspective of the Private Law and of others internal laws, the woman has the benefit of concrete applications of the principle of equality in rights between women and men; the modification of law against domestic violence, inimproves the concrete protection given by state authorities to the woman confronted with violence within her private sphere.

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This proves the compatibility between state interventionism within the private sphere and the democratic character of state, rule of law, and the protection of human rights, recognized at the level of Romanian Constitution. Scientific Researcher, Email Address: vam55ro yahoo. This is a clear signal of abandoning its main function of defending democracy, rule of law and human rights, and converting the public institutions into actors of a policestate.

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By introducing biometrical practices, opposed in their essence to human rights, democracy and rule of law, the Romanian state violates not only the spirit and the text of its Constitution, but also, the European and international regulations ratified by it. This indicates a great gap at the beginning of XXI century, between the adepts of a police-state pattern, devoted to the incessant control, monitorization, manipulation of human person through electronic means, and those wanting a free, democratic society, based on development and consolidation of human rights.

Cartea aceasta este despre viitorul avuţiei, atât al celei vizibile, cât al celei invizibile — o formă revoluţionară de avuţie care ne va reconfigura vieţile, întreprinderile şi lumea în anii care se îndreaptă cu grăbire spre noi. Pentru a explica ce înseamnă, paginile ce urmează vor trata subiecte ce merg de la viaţa de familie şi locurile de muncă până la presiunile temporale şi complexitatea crescândă a traiului cotidian. Vor face referire la adevăruri, minciuni, pieţe şi bani.

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